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Redacted Capital specializes in OTC services world-wide. In the past few years, the OTC market has undergone a significant and unfavorable transformation. Due to this transformation, the person-to-person OTC space has become overcrowded, filled with spoofed orders, clogged with fraud, and littered with inexperienced brokers. Redacted Capital's primary goal is to provide a professional trading experience to our clients in a manner that is safe and tailored to the demands of the client.


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OTC Trading Has Become a Vital Aspect of The Digital Asset Trading Space.

Due to the deflationary aspect and past performance of most digital assets: the institutional and high net worth demand for these assets has never been higher, but even the most popular exchanges are unable to meet supply and demand because of liquidity issues. Liquidity issues, that exist on traditional exchanges, create a massive restriction to any large investor. To combat this restriction, many investors will take advantage of the booming OTC market to buy or sell these assets.

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